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After a lot of planning and learning on several short trips to Pennsylvania, DC and West Virgina, we are finally on our first and long awaited trip to Kalispell, Montana. We are spending the day at the Lehman's Lakeside RV Resort in Marengo, IL, a beautiful place located about an hour north of Chicago.

By all accounts, this has been one of the best RV parks we have visited thus far. All sites are surrounded by well-maintained green areas, two beautiful (albeit small) lakes where you can fish, and laundry facilities that include one or two commercial grade washers and driers. Without a doubt, a great place to stop if you are traveling up or down interstate 90.

With another 1200 or so miles to go, this is only a two day stop along our way, but one that was definitely worth it. We even got to meet and got a quick lesson on fly fishing from John and Joan Willis, fellow RVers from Tomorrow, we will be heading out again... this time looking for another equally beautiful place to visit in South Dakota. Something tells me that after the lesson Soylamar got from John, we will be looking for a place where she can practice!

Soaring Eagle Campground

After a harsh winter, we finally managed to venture out on our first camping trip of the year, this time to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Delaware Valley. Leave it to Soylamar to find Soaring Eagle, a beautiful campground on the shores of the Delaware river.

Without an RV just yet (an update on the project coming up later in the month), we had to endure two very cold nights in our KÖPPEN, but a view of the peace and beauty of the river at the crack of dawn was enough to decide it had been worth it.

It turns out the campground takes its name from a couple of Eagles that live in the area, and we had a chance to see them on their first morning flight scouring the river for breakfast.

The campground doesn't have a pool or any of the "entertainment" amenities found in other places, but it offers water and electricity hookups for RV'ers; clean bathrooms and showers for those of us still "roughing it"; and is definitely the place to go if you enjoy fly-fishing, canoeing, tubing or simply enjoying the peace, quiet and beauty of the area. This was their opening weekend, and Brian (Soaring Eagle's owner and friendly host) told us they were still working on a few details like the Wi-Fi, but it was still a great place to camp.

For us, the lack of extra amenities provided a place where we could truly relax; and the lack of Wi-Fi was chance to test our ability to work from the road using our own connectivity devices. With very limited signal (ranging between no signal and one to two bars in AT&T's 4G LTE network - We also carry an iPad Mini on Verizon's network and that didn't fair any better in terms of signal strength) I am happy to report that using our AT&T device, it was still sufficiently fast to upload the video in this article, text with our daughters at home, receive and answer work emails, and even VPN to the office to do some work.

Within a few miles of the place where we are planning to buy our RV, Soaring Eagle is at the top of our list and definitely one of the first places we'll stop when we finally get our rig. Brian told us that in the summer months the place gets packed, so if you want to enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the place, plan ahead and make your reservation early. With or without an RV, the campground is a must!

A Reality Check

The hike up to Birds Nest from Thornton pass the day before proved to be difficult and long, but in retrospect a "cake walk" compared to what we had in store for day two of our adventure.

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