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Finally out… after a long winter!

Well, after a long winter and and a spring season that never really showed up for Northern New Jersey, we are finally out on our first trip for 2016, this time headed to Washington DC and Southern Virginia, with a short stop in Arlington to visit our daughter and meet her soon-to-be extended family. Very…
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The Black Hills of South Dakota

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Life is defined not by the number of breaths you take but by the people, the moments and sights that take your breath away. For me, the Black Hills of South Dakota is one of those places

RV There Yet?

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After a lot of planning and learning on several short trips to Pennsylvania, DC and West Virgina, we are finally on our first and long awaited trip to Kalispell, Montana. We are spending the day at the Lehman's Lakeside RV Resort in Marengo, IL, a beautiful place located about an hour north of Chicago.

By all accounts, this has been one of the best RV parks we have visited thus far. All sites are surrounded by well-maintained green areas, two beautiful (albeit small) lakes where you can fish, and laundry facilities that include one or two commercial grade washers and driers. Without a doubt, a great place to stop if you are traveling up or down interstate 90.

With another 1200 or so miles to go, this is only a two day stop along our way, but one that was definitely worth it. We even got to meet and got a quick lesson on fly fishing from John and Joan Willis, fellow RVers from Tomorrow, we will be heading out again... this time looking for another equally beautiful place to visit in South Dakota. Something tells me that after the lesson Soylamar got from John, we will be looking for a place where she can practice!