A Word About Us

Being one with nature has always been part of our DNA, and although we both had done our share of camping and hiking in our youth, it wasn't until 2012 that we decided to get back to the woods, first on a three-day hike through the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia, and then on a five day excursion to Northern New Hampshire with several local trips in-between.

After enduring five rainy days and a freezing night in New Hampshire, we realized that at our age, our tent simply wasn't big enough for two adults and two pups and we began to contemplate a move from "camping" to "glamping", perhaps in a popup tent.

For Soylamar, that conversation led to several months of research that culminated on the purchase of our rig, an amazing trip through several states on our way to Montana, and the purchase of a beautiful piece of land near the Kittatinny mountain range to park it.

It is from this beautiful spot, with a view of Katherine Lake and a stone throw away from the Appalachian Trail, where we plan stay put for a while, taking trips to fulfill our quest to see all the national parks of this beautiful country, and trying to complete the New Jersey section of the trail.

Our Team