At 15 years of age, I am the oldest and newest member of the team and up until July of 2014, my life was uneventful. That changed after a 10 hour drive up to the Canadian border and three exhausting days climbing the mountains of Northern New Hampshire!

Now, my position in the team has been established: I may be a little blind but I can handle the long hikes and toughest climbs! While I agree with Baron regarding the hike through the Appalachian, I'd like to come along... not because I think I can make it, but because I worry Zorro can't and I want to be there to go for help!

Did I mention I am also the smartest member of this crew? Well, I am but as the newest member of the crew they still manage to have a few laughs at my expense. Take a look by clicking here.

No, I am not in Social Media. I am too old for that non-sense!